Every day we respond to the mental health needs of people who have survived things most of us hope we never experience. We see unwell people who do not have enough money to buy the medication that keeps them well. We see proud people who do not have enough food to eat or the bus fare to attend their counselling appointments.

Recently a young refugee woman, Afareen, came to us distressed because she didn’t have the money to buy medicine for her husband. He suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after years of persecution in his home country. He had stopped eating, was confused and anxious. He wouldn’t allow their two young children to leave the house or even open windows. Afareen said the family had run out of money. Harmony Place organised for a six-month supply of his medication. Last week Afareen brought her husband to Harmony Place. He is now receiving specialist counselling support and attended our Men’s support group where he was able to share his story with men who have similar life experiences.

Afraeen’s story is just one of many we could share. The longer vulnerable families like Afraeen’s go without help, the deeper the distress. Thats why your support is so vital as the type of intensive specialist support we offer costs serious money.

Please help us to prevent families like Afraeens from falling through the cracks in our communitys support systems.

Service 1

$15 will support the people we work with, when they cant afford the basic essentials of life including prescribed medications and food.

Service 2

$50 will help us to run daily support groups where socially isolated refugees and asylum seekers can connect with each other and the wider community.

Service 3

$100 will contribute towards ongoing specialist mental health counselling for refugees and asylum seekers.

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